For listed companies

Share Link Features

Meet your mandatory reporting requirements automatically.


Save time and money by having your website automatically update whenever an announcement is released.

Comprehensive data

Data includes share prices, historical data, ASX announcements, commodity prices, currency and exchange rates.


Create custom widgets with our web based interface. Implement on your website as easy as copy and paste.


Widgets look beautiful out of the box and you can customise them to match your website design and corporate branding.


Integrates with email newsletter systems (eg. MailChimp) to automatically send when announcements are released.

Works anywhere

Regardless of how you update your website, Share Link will be able to display your market data.


Wordpress plugin with drag and drop ease for adding data to your website.

Monthly Fee

Low monthly recurring fee means you can cancel at any time.

14 day free trial

Try any plan for free for 14 days, no charge if you cancel in trial period.


Automatically post to social media when new announcements are released.

All devices

Works across all devices from mobiles to desktop computers.


Help is always on hand with online chat built into the Share Link dashboard.