Hello April Advocates! 🌦️

As autumn paints our surroundings with a palette of warm hues, we at Share Link Technologies are equally enthusiastic about bringing a spectrum of enhancements to your user experience. The April breeze has carried in a series of thoughtful upgrades and bug fixes, making your Share Link journey smoother and more intuitive. Let’s delve into the fresh updates that April has unfurled!


Filters on All Third-Party Integrations 🎛️

Pushing content to your third-party integrations just got a whole lot easier! We’ve implemented filters across the board, allowing you to pinpoint the data you send, faster.


Transition to Twitter API v 2.0 🐦

We’ve migrated to Twitter API v 2.0, ensuring a more robust and streamlined interaction with your Twitter feed directly from your Share Link dashboard.

Twitter-Bot Crawlable Announcement Previews 🕷️

Our announcement previews are now crawlable by Twitter bots, amplifying your announcements’ visibility on the Twitterverse.

Commodity Widgets Formatting Bonanza 🎨

Personalize to your heart’s content with additional formatting options on all commodity widgets, making data visualization a treat for the eyes.

Currency and Unit Customization on Commodity Widgets 💱📏

Select the currency and units that speak to you on all commodity widgets, ensuring a tailored view at a glance.

Background Color Option for Prices Row 🌈

Add a splash of colour to your prices row with our new background colour option, making data differentiation a visual delight.

Bug Fixes

Announcement Widget Date Picker Tweaks 📅

We’ve fixed the minDate and maxDate of the announcement widget date pickers, ensuring hassle-free navigation through your data.

Widget Name Validation 🏷️

No more hiccups when updating widget names, as we’ve fixed the name validation hiccup ensuring a smoother renaming process.

Reseller Analytics Route & More 🔄

We’ve set up a separate analytics route for resellers, fixed the max date of showFrom to yesterday, and enhanced the modal toggle after confirming widget deletion for a more intuitive user interface.

Widget Tables and Button Behaviour Enhancements 🛠️

We’ve added a unit field for widget tables to grab, and fixed button behaviour for secondary Share Price Code, making your widget interactions seamless.

Your invaluable feedback is the compass that guides our enhancement journey. Got more insights to share? Reach out at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

As we march forward toward the end of autumn, here’s to a vibrant April filled with insightful data interactions and expanding horizons! 🌟