2024 is just around the corner, and we have been working on some big changes behind the scenes at Share Link. Coming in January 2024, we are launching new subscription plans and releasing a wide variety of requested features! 🎉

You may not be aware, but we haven’t changed our plan structure for many years, and as our customer base has grown, we have found our existing plans were restricting us from properly serving our broad range of customers.

As we have developed more advanced tools for our customers, and interacted with hundreds of them, we have seen a distinct separation in their requirements. We have identified three types of Share Link users:

  1. Automation/compliance-focused customers,
  2. Investor communication/experience-focused customers and
  3. Investor marketing-focused customers.

Each of these customers has a different use case for Share Link, so we have made the decision to create new plans to better reflect the services each style of customer uses and values most.

Today, we are excited to finally be able to share them with you!

What is changing?

We are changing the composition of our plans to provide a better solution for our different kinds of users. Long story short, we’ve changed the plans to ensure you have the features you need access to and aren’t paying for features you don’t. To follow is an outline of the new plans:

No-Code – $249/month

An entry-level suite of Investor Relations tools that covers requirements under corporate governance, including prebuilt tools that ensure the best Investor Relations website practices whilst enabling smart website automation (no coding required).

  • Single-user access
  • Basic Market Data (Open Close High Low Volume)
  • Price History Graph (daily only)
  • Current Share Price (20 mins delayed per ASX rules)
  • Commodities Data
  • Forex Data
  • Automatically Updated Announcements (live)
  • Predefined announcement-type widgets (Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, Half Yearly Reports, Financial Reports and Presentations)
  • Latest news announcements
  • Fast Setup with primary and secondary colour selection and font.
  • WordPress plugin
  • Works on any other CMS (Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, Drupal, Joomla, Weebly etc.)
  • Online setup support via email/online

Premium – $399/month

A premium integrated Investor Relations solution for professional IROs and Web Developers. All the tools to build a fully immersive online investor experience. All No-Code Features plus:

  • Three-user access
  • Detailed market data widget (52-week high/low, ask/bid, EPS, VWAP, etc)
  • Updating daily data price graph (at one-minute intervals)
  • Over 200 filters for ASX Announcement types (to create custom combinations)
  • Full API Access (all data points)
  • Boolean Text Filter for the ultimate customisation displaying Announcements
  • Dual Listing data (secondary exchange listing – pricing support only)
  • Email Integration with filtering, integrations with multiple templates/lists and the option to automatically send or publish as a draft
  • Investment Calculators
  • Fundamentals Data
  • Price History Tables
  • Top 20 shareholder list and capital structure
  • Phone, Zoom, Email and Chat support

Enterprise – From $699/month

An advanced platform for Investor Relations teams to increase investor engagement, drive share price development, and manage social media and online investor communications from within a centralised platform. All No-Code and Premium Features plus:

  • Full content visibility and management (unlimited users)
  • Unlimited external collaborators (consultants, resellers, agencies)
  • Share Link Connect (all third-party integrations) including Email Integrations (multiple lists), Twitter Integration, and LinkedIn integration, including Hashtags and Cashtags.
  • Automated investor marketing funnels that use your ASX Announcement content and automated social media prompts to drive traffic to your company website and sign up for your email list (to de-platform users and grow your list)
  • Full Content Management System to manage where your content is going and what is being displayed (including an announcement hide function) with approvals, the ability to link video to announcements and the ability to have shareholders ask questions directly from within widgets (via email).
  • Priority support
  • Audit trail for the Content Management System
  • Highest security – open authentication
What do these changes mean for you?

These changes will make Share Link fairer and more flexible for everyone. You no longer have to pay for features, users, and integrations you don’t need.

While all new subscribers will be on these new plans from January 2024, existing subscribers will be migrated over to the new plans over the coming months.

What new features are being released?

Our team has been busy building out our advanced suite of tools to help you deliver the best investor experience based on where you are focusing your IR efforts. Some important features that are arriving as part of the new plans are:

Live ASX Announcements – We have been working with the ASX to allow companies to have live ASX announcements on their website for some time. Finally, the ASX has changed their rules and now we can provide live announcements, including live distribution of those announcements to your email lists and social media channels.

Realtime Share Prices (with 20 min delay) – Multiple price checks per minute, so your data is as live as it can legally be.

Pre-built Investor Centre – A suite of pre-built widgets matched to your website design that ensures full compliance under corporate governance and investor relations best practices set by the ASX Corporate Governance Council. Essentially an investor centre in a box, ready to deploy in minutes.

Annual Billing Option – One of our most requested features, an annual invoice means less data entry and payments to deal with. You also get a discount for paying annually 🙂

Detailed Market Data – A full analysis of market data including yearly high/low, market capitalisation, shares outstanding, VWAP, PE Ratio, EPS, and more.

Investment Calculator – A historical investment calculator to show user returns over a selected period based on an initial investment.

Fundamentals Data – A snapshot of company fundamental data from its annual and earnings reports, updated as results are reported to the ASX.

Top 20 Shareholders – The top 20 shareholders list of a company, updated as reported to the ASX.

Boolean Text Filter – A no-code conditions-based text filter that allows you to filter in or out any announcements from any ASX announcement widget. Want to hide a specific announcement? This is how you do it!

When does it go live?

We are deploying the new plans and features on the 6th of January 2024, and we can’t wait!

This is just what is coming in early January 2024, we have more features that will be released over the first half of 2024 that we will outline here on the blog, 2024 is shaping up to be a big year!