Share Link was originally released 9 years ago, as an internal tool for use at a web development agency. v3 sees an entirely new system built from scratch to use the latest web technologies. Although we are very excited about the new features that allow customers to easily customise and style every aspect of the data the platorm displays, there are also some changes made under the hood that you won’t neccesserily notice but will make you experience even better.

New data sources

We understand that reliability and accuracy are a major concern in your market data and as such we have included multiple data sources both local and international. That also includes more commodities and currency exchange rates.

Online support

Support is now at hand when you need it. Simply click the blue speech bubble within the admin interface to talk to someone for assistance.

Monitoring and alerts

Our technical team are monitoring all aspects of the platform 24/7 to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Built in responsiveness

All Share Link widgets responsive out of the box, simply add them to your page and they will adapt to their parent containers automagically.