Hello February Trailblazers! πŸ’–

As we sail further into 2024, Share Link Technologies embraces the sweet symphony of refinement and perfection. This February, while the air is filled with the whispers of summer, our focus sharpens on enhancing the treasures unveiled in last month’s major update. Let’s steady the helm and ensure these innovations are seamlessly woven into the fabric of your financial journey. And oh, keep your telescopes at hand, for the horizon promises exciting new features come March!

Anchoring Down on Innovations βš“

This month, we’re taking a moment to anchor down, allowing the sea of features introduced in January to settle. Our crew is dedicated to polishing these gems, ensuring they shine their brightest. But fear not, adventurers, for our map is charted with much-requested discoveries set to emerge in the coming months.


Market Status Beacon 🚦

We’ve added a “market status” signal to the share price API output, guiding your trades with the knowledge of when the market is bustling or taking a breather.

Announcement Table Widget: A Fuller View πŸ“Š

Every announcement table widget type now boasts a show types dropdown field, allowing users to tailor their view to the announcements that matter most to them.

Navigating the Bugs

Charting a Clearer Course 🧭

We’ve fine-tuned our compass, adding validation before marking the history retrieved flag field, ensuring that our logs are as accurate as the stars.

Setting Sails for ASX Waters Only πŸ“ˆ

The current share price graph widget is now exclusive to ASX, steering clear of the choppy waters of non-ASX listings for a smoother journey.

Hidden Treasures and Revealed Insights πŸ—ΊοΈ

We’ve adjusted the visibility of the types dropdown by default and uncovered and corrected missing types for financial and half-yearly reports widgets, making every piece of data count.

As we navigate through February’s gentle currents, we’re reminded that the greatest voyages are those taken together. Your feedback is the compass that guides us, so please share your thoughts and discoveries at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

With a steady course set for March and beyond, may the calm seas of February provide a moment to reflect on our journey’s progress and the adventures that lie ahead. Here’s to charting a course filled with insight, innovation, and shared success in 2024! 🌟