Hello November Navigators! 🌥️

As we stride deeper into the vibrant hues of spring, Share Link Technologies is bustling with new features and improvements to steer your experience towards even greater heights. November arrives with a harvest of tech enhancements and solutions, each thoughtfully tailored to enrich your Share Link voyage. Let’s set sail through the sea of updates that November has charted in our digital odyssey!


Mailchimp Integration Test Email 📧

Now, send a test email to see how your Mailchimp integration performs in real-time, ensuring your campaigns are shipshape before setting sail.

New Controller from MailChimp Settings 🎛️

Navigate your Mailchimp settings with greater ease with our new controller, designed for a more intuitive user journey and email flows.

Draft-Only MailChimp Setting 📝

Implementing a draft-only setting in Mailchimp, offering you more control over when and how your email campaigns go live.

Additional Market Data for Share Prices API 📈

Dive deeper into market analytics with additional market data now available in our Share Prices API, broadening your financial horizon.


Tooltip Descriptions for Market Terms 🧭

Navigate market jargon with ease; tooltips now offer descriptions for market terms, making complex data more accessible and understandable.

Queue for Monthly History Minute Data 🔄

Introducing a job/queue system for storing monthly history minute data on disk and in space buckets, optimizing your data management.

Global Background Color Customization 🎨

Further personalize your interface with global background color customization, adding a touch of your brand to every data display.

Dynamic Label for Close Price & Uppercase Labels 🔠

Enhance your data clarity with dynamic labels for close prices and a new configuration for uppercase labels, ensuring your data speaks your language.


Year High Date Error & Reseller Coupon Update 🛠️

We’ve rectified the yearHighDate error on non-ASX prices and updated the reseller’s discount coupon system for when a client attaches/detaches.

Discount Matrix for Resellers & Subscription Clarity ⏳

Updated the discount matrix for resellers for a clearer understanding of benefits, and enhanced the display of subscription expiry dates post-unsubscribing.

Registration Plan Modal Keyboard Escape Disabled ⌨️

We’ve disabled the keyboard escape button for the plan modal on registration, ensuring a smoother sign-up process without unintended exits.

Your feedback is the compass that guides our innovation ship. Share your thoughts at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

As we navigate through November, may the new features and enhancements of Share Link Technologies be the wind in your sails, propelling your financial journey to new horizons! 🌟