Hello January Journeymen and Journeywomen! 🎉

As we step into the bright beginnings of 2024, Share Link Technologies unfolds a canvas of fresh features and sparkling improvements, painting your path with the hues of innovation and efficiency. January brings with it a promise of new adventures and discoveries in the financial landscape, equipped with tools and insights to guide you through. Let’s embark on this new journey with a peek into the treasure trove of updates we’ve meticulously prepared for you!


Pre-filtered ASX Announcements 🌟

Navigate through the sea of information with ease, thanks to our pre-filtered ASX announcements, highlighting the most popular filters to swiftly display to your stakeholders the data that matters most.

Swift Sailing with Fast Setup Build 🚀

Set your course with our recommended widgets builder, designed for a fast setup build that ensures your dashboard is not only comprehensive but also remarkably user-friendly.

Top 20 Shareholder Insights 🏦

Uncover the backbone of your shareholding with top 20 shareholder data, offering a transparent view of the major players anchoring your company.

Advanced Market Data & Fundamentals Widgets 📈

Dive deeper into the market’s currents with our Advanced Market Data Widget and explore the core with essential Fundamentals Data, arming your stakeholders with the knowledge to navigate with confidence.

Live Share Price Graph Widget 📊

Keep a live pulse on share price movements with our dynamic graph widget, ensuring you’re always aligned with the real-time rhythm of the market.


Boolean Text Filter: Your Compass for Data 🧭

Refine your exploration with our Boolean Text Filter, allowing for an advanced and precise sifting through the vast ocean of results.

Customise Your Financial Map 🗺️

Tailor your widgets to the unique contours of your journey with layout customisation improvements and refined sparkline widgets, making your financial data as personalized as your voyage.


Charting Smoother Waters 🛠️

We’ve enriched the demo data for all new data sources and widgets, adjusted the zoom range on select share price graphs for a clearer view, and enhanced error handling for empty minute history data, ensuring your navigation is as smooth as the calmest sea.

Your voice is the wind that propels our sails. Share your insights and discoveries with us at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

As we chart our course through January and beyond, may the new features and enhancements of Share Link Technologies be the stars by which you navigate the vast possibilities of the financial universe. Here’s to a journey filled with insight, growth, and prosperity in 2024! 🌠