Hello August Admirers! 🌸

As the gentle whispers of spring start to flutter through the cool breeze, the Share Link Technologies team has been buzzing with the spirit of innovation. August has gracefully pirouetted onto the stage with a medley of enhancements and new features, each meticulously choreographed to enrich your Share Link performance. Let’s unfurl the curtains and explore the fresh ballet of updates that August has orchestrated in our technological theatre!


Twitter Integration Takes a Bow with Additional Data Fields 🐦

Our Twitter integration now pirouettes with additional data fields including customisable hashtags, enabling a more personalised social media engagement.


Global Background Colours Bloom on ASX Announcement Widgets 🎨

We’ve introduced additional global background colours and transparency to ASX announcement widgets, adding a dash of aesthetic grace to your data view.

Widget Analytics Backup Performance Leaps πŸ”„

Performance leaps have been made in widget analytics backup, ensuring a smooth and reliable data-safeguarding ballet.

Payment Validation Error Logging & User Display πŸ’³

We’ve added additional logging of payment validation errors and ensured they are elegantly displayed to the user, keeping you informed with grace.

Integration Process Flow Pruned and Refined πŸ”„

We’ve optimized and simplified the integration process flow, removing any redundant steps in the Integration for a sleeker choreography.

Integration ID & Relationship Dance in Models πŸ”„

We’ve added integration_id to the Announcement Notification Log model and defined a harmonious relationship between Integrations and our Announcement Notification Log models, setting the stage for seamless data interaction.

Bug Fixes

Code Validation & Impersonate User Function Reworked πŸ› οΈ

We’ve fixed a code validation issue and reworked the impersonate user function to assist with support requests, ensuring a graceful support experience.

Payment Details Confirmation & Reseller Dashboard View Fixes πŸ’³

We’ve re-enabled the β€˜confirm payment details’ button post-sign-up process validation failure and fixed the reseller account view settings for the main reseller dashboard, ensuring a harmonious user journey.

Debit Card Payment Intent & Mailchimp Email Dance πŸ’Œ

Fixed the debit card payment intent due to a failed API request to Stripe, revisited impersonate user cookie settings, and prevented sending the same failed Mailchimp integration email for a seamless communication ballet.

Your feedback is the melody to which our innovation dances. Keep the rhythm going at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

As we twirl into the start of spring, may the insights you garner from Share Link choreograph a triumphant performance in your market endeavors! 🌟