Happy New Year 🎉

We hope that everyone had a great holiday break with friends and family!

The Share Link team didn’t come out the gates at a rate of knots for January, perhaps a little too much Christmas pudding was consumed 😋. It seemed the general consensus across the business community was to have an additional week off over the holiday break, and we 1. aren’t pointing fingers (as we weren’t back at full staffing levels until the 9th of the month) and 2. really enjoyed the one time of the year you can genuinely unplug.

But now we are back, and if your New Year’s resolution is to maintain compliance with company policies, improve efficiencies, engage your investors and continue expanding your Investor Relations footprint, we have got you covered. Read on to find out what we have been up to since we got back 👇

Good News

London Stock Exchange Data 📈

As requested by some of our dual-listed clients, we have added data integrations for LSE market data (both current and historical). If you are listed on both the ASX and LSE, you can now display your market data from both exchanges. We are pulling data 24 hours per day, so you can be sure we are providing the data your shareholders need on your Investor Relations website. 


Our secondary exchange data just got expanded 🌱

We have added support for market capitalisation for all exchanges we have dual-listed customers on (we are now supporting 6 overseas exchanges). 

We also now have historical pricing data back for the last 20 years for all supported overseas exchanges, so we are now providing market data on par with our ASX data offering.  

Our database just got a speed boost 🚀

We are always looking to optimise the speed of operations for Share Link, and during January we did some database fine-tuning to increase data return speeds that let us deliver larger amounts of data faster. 

Bug Fixes

Throttling for API-only widgets

We were reducing API queries based on a lower number of data requests, we have increased the limit to allow for more API calls. 

ASX Code Mirroring

We had an instance where a company’s overseas exchange code matched an ASX code and overwrote the company name. We have updated our code to ensure the ASX company name doesn’t display on other market widgets with the same code. 

Missing announcement history

We updated our yearly ASX announcement retriever to ensure the newest announcements are retrieved first and added additional validation checks to ensure the entire announcement library is downloaded initially after a customer experienced some missing historical announcements.

API Widget Customisation

We removed the customise tab for selected API widgets as there was a possibility of inadvertently limiting the API via a custom configuration. 

Anything else, folks? We are always here for you 👉 support@sharelinktechnologies.com 

Bring on 2023!