Hello July Gems! ❄️

As the heart of winter beats strong, the Share Link Technologies team has been weaving a tapestry of updates to keep your experience warm and enriched. July has unfurled a bouquet of enhancements and new features, each designed to foster a seamless and insightful user journey. Let’s unveil the fresh stack of updates that July has tenderly piled in our fireplace of technology!


‘Market Close’ Indicator Tuned to Holidays and Market Days πŸ“†

Our ‘Market Close’ indicator now smartly checks for holidays and market days, ensuring you have precise market status information.

Currency Option on Market Cap Widget πŸ’±

Tailor your market cap view with our new currency option, making global financial analysis a breeze.

Widget APIs on Limited Throttling πŸ”„

Incorporating widget APIs with limited throttling ensures a balanced and smooth data flow, enhancing performance.

Email Notifications to Client and Reseller Users πŸ’Œ

Stay in the loop effortlessly! We now send email notifications to client users and include reseller users in the CC recipient list for better communication.


MailChimpSender Consistency πŸ“¬

We’ve honed the MailChimpSender for more consistent performance, ensuring your email campaigns run smoothly.

Swift Announcements Fetching πŸ—žοΈ

We reduced the time interval between fetching announcements from the data store, bringing the latest updates to your shareholders faster.

Share Link Notifier Rebuilt with Latest Nova Tool πŸ› οΈ

Embracing the latest Nova tool implementation, we’ve rebuilt the Share Link Notifier for a more robust and efficient operation.

Invalid Mailchimp API Key Alert πŸ”‘

A clear error message now shows up if an invalid Mailchimp API key is used, keeping you informed and secure.

Synced Stripe Billing Details on Address Update πŸ”„

Now, any update to your address details gets synchronized to your Stripe billing details, ensuring seamless billing management.

Bug Fixes

Calendar Icon & Tooltip Position Tweaks πŸ“…

We’ve fixed the calendar icon on the share price history graph and the position of the ‘last checked’ tooltip on share price widgets for a cleaner interface.

Backup, Registration & Widget Rendering Fixes πŸ› οΈ

Addressed an error occurring during our backups when confronted with empty results, fixed registration issues with Stripe payment iframes, and enhanced the rendering of the market cap widget for a smoother user experience.

Payment Method Update & Address Selection πŸ”„

Fixed an issue with updating the payment method of the reseller while viewing its client and removed the ‘undefined’ displayed on address line 1 after selecting an address from Google for a hassle-free user journey.

Your feedback is the symphony to which our innovation dances. Keep the rhythm going at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

As we glide through the winter wonder, may the insights you garner from Share Link fuel your strategic endeavours amidst the frosty days! 🌟