Hello June Jovials! ❄️

As the cool embrace of winter descends, the flame of innovation at Share Link Technologies continues to burn bright. June has rolled in with a flurry of enhancements and new features, each meticulously crafted to foster a seamless and insightful user experience. Let’s meander through the new and refined pathways that June has unveiled in our technological landscape!


Failed Mailchimp Integration Notification 📧

Should your Mailchimp integration hiccup, worry not! Our new notification system will promptly alert you, ensuring smooth sailing in your marketing endeavours.

History Table Row Border Top 🖋️

A subtle yet impactful aesthetic touch; we’ve added a border-top for each row in the history table, enhancing data visualisation.


Last Checked Data Toggle on Share Price Widgets 🔄

Choose to view or hide the ‘last checked’ data on share price widgets with our new toggle option, tailoring your data view to your preferences.

Widget Analytics Data Management 📊

With additional logs and a system for the deletion of purged widget analytics data, managing your widget analytics is now faster.

Search Input Placeholder & Monthly Market Holidays Scheduler 🗓️

Navigate with ease using our new search input placeholders and keep shareholders updated with market holidays displayed on pricing widgets.

Header Text Alignment & Table Configurations 🛠️

Tailor your tables with additional configurations and align text on headers for a cleaner, more organised data view.

Client Address Record on Detachment from Reseller 🔄

Now, when a client detaches from its reseller, an address record is created, streamlining the detachment process.

Bug Fixes

Reseller Detachment & Market Time Corrections 🛠️

We’ve introduced a warning when detaching from a reseller and fixed the market close time on weekends for smoother data transfer.

Payment, Market Cap, and Pagination Tweaks 💰

Corrected the latest payment method saved, fixed market cap widget rendering with added currency info, and refined pagination custom styling for a seamless user experience.

Market Close & Pagination Behaviour on Widgets 🔄

Fixed market close alignment and enhanced pagination behaviour on widgets for a clearer, more intuitive data interaction.

Your insights are the seeds from which our innovations blossom. Keep them coming at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

As we nestle into the winter chill, may the insights you glean from Share Link keep your strategic endeavours warm and thriving! 🌟