Hello May Marvels! 🍂

As autumn bestows a gentle, cooling touch upon our days, the fervour for innovation at Share Link Technologies remains ablaze. May has unfurled a bouquet of enhancements and new features, each intricately crafted to enrich your Share Link experience. Let’s saunter through the fresh blossoms of updates that May has brought to our garden of technology!


Share Price History Table Widget 📊

Introducing our newly minted Share Price History Table Widget, a treasure trove where you can delve into the historical price data, meticulously laid out for your analytical endeavours.

Last Checked Data on Share Price Widgets 🕰️

Stay abreast with the latest data pulse; our share price widgets now brandish the ‘last checked’ data, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Share Price History API Widget 🔄

Unlock a realm of historical price data with our new Share Price History API Widget, a gateway to delve into price trends over the sands of time.


Border Color Customization on Share Prices Box Widget 🎨

Add a stroke of individuality with our new border colour settings, making your share prices box widget a visual delight.

Display Price Update Post Market Close 🛎️

Now, the display price updates based on the market close, ensuring you have the most accurate end-of-day data at your fingertips.

Market Close Layout Refinement on Share Price Widgets 🔄

We’ve tweaked the market close layout on share price widgets for a more intuitive and clean display.

Data Purge Pre-Storage 🗑️

Before waving goodbye to old data, we now upload purge data to storage space, ensuring a seamless data management journey.

Bug Fixes

Border and Layout Polishing 🎨

We’ve fixed the bottom border colour of dates on the share price box widget, refined the market close size, and tidied up the market code and date layout on share price widgets for a sleeker look.

Mailchimp & Market Close Display Tweaks 🛠️

Squashed a bug where the Mailchimp announcement filter cache wasn’t updating with new changes, and refined the market close display on LSE market share price for a more accurate representation.

Reseller Account & Cache Updates 🔄

Fixed the API that updates the reseller’s account contact and syncs it to Stripe, ensuring a seamless reseller experience. Also, addressed an issue with the Mailchimp announcement filter cache, not refreshing post new changes.

Your insights are the wind beneath our wings of innovation. Keep them coming at support@sharelinktechnologies.com.

As we sail into the end of autumn, may the cool breeze carry along waves of data clarity and insightful interactions on Share Link! 🌟